SAIL Code of Conduct

Philosophy and Purpose

SAIL is an inclusive community of homeschooling families who are encouraged to be respectful and supportive of the diversity of their fellow group members. While we may differ in homeschool style, race, religion, life philosophy, political views, and family composition, we all share common goals: to foster a love of learning, encourage friendships, and provide a sense of community for our families. To achieve these goals, all members of SAIL are expected to read and be aware of our group’s guidelines. All participants in SAIL activities are expected to abide by the SAIL Code of Conduct and any related policies.

Core Expectations for Members

  • Speak to one another with courtesy and respect and be conscious of how your actions affect those around you.
  • Be responsible for your own behavior and your children’s behavior at all SAIL activities to ensure that the environment is fun as well as safe.
  • If a conflict arises, resolve differences privately and politely between the involved parties.
  • Do not engage in behavior that could jeopardize the safety or well-being of other members or damage the privileges or reputation of SAIL Homeschoolers.


Parenting at SAIL Events

Parents are expected to supervise their children at each activity, unless previous arrangements have been made with another responsible parent or guardian (and the host, if applicable). It is neither expected nor desirable that adults discipline children other than their own except in emergency (urgent) situations. If an issue arises with someone else’s child, discreetly bring it to that parent’s attention. If the parent is not immediately available, respectfully remind the child of the applicable rule(s) and update the other parent as soon as possible.

Member to Member

Please communicate courteously and respectfully with fellow SAIL members whether in person or electronically (i.e. responding to other’s posts online or in private communications about SAIL). Always assume the best of tone and intentions, especially in online communications. Our group’s online forums are a wonderful member resource with the purpose of keeping everyone informed about our numerous SAIL activities. There are multiple forums that allow discussions related to homeschooling at various ages as well as forums for off-topic social discussions. The forums are moderated to help ensure everyone has a positive online SAIL experience. A complete version of our Homeschool-Life posting guidelines can be found under Posting Guidelines on HSL.

Member Privacy

Please respect other members’ privacy! The Member Directory is a necessary tool for managing the group and also helps members get to know each other. All members must keep all their member family information accurate and up-to-date on our online member directory to remain eligible members of SAIL. This personal information should only be used within SAIL and never for personal gain such as business promotions.

For privacy as well as safety concerns, use proper etiquette on outside social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.:

  • Attain parental consent when posting a SAIL-related photo of members.
  • Avoid gossiping and making disparaging remarks about SAIL and/or its members.

Smoking and Alcohol

Do not smoke or consume alcohol at child and teen SAIL events. At family events and adult SAIL activities, it is expected that adults who choose to use alcohol and tobacco do so legally, responsibly and with consideration for others. For events at a private residence, please get the host’s permission before you bring alcohol.


To keep SAIL events fun and safe, please remind your children to follow these rules at all SAIL activities:

  • Speak politely and respectfully to both children and adults.
  • Show tolerance, compassion, and respect for all families.
  • Be careful and respectful of others’ property and homes as well as public property like parks and facilities.
  • Do no harm! Aggressive behavior, physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated. (e.g. No yelling, spitting, hitting, biting, swearing, name-calling, teasing, taunting, or offensive gestures)


Teens are beyond cool! Please remind your teen that they are now officially role models and younger SAIL members will emulate them. At official SAIL events, teens should:

  • Exercise good judgment and refrain from the use of profanity.
  • Adequately cover their important body parts and avoiding clothing with offensive words or images.
  • Refrain from extended kissing, intimate hugging, or any suggestive behavior at SAIL events. People can feel uncomfortable around other people’s “public displays of affection”.
  • Visit SAIL’s Conflict Resolution Slideshow on HSL with their parents to explore conflict awareness, bullying, sexual harassment, gossip, and how to be part of the solution instead of the problem.


Minors may not possess any weapons at SAIL events unless requested by the event organizer for a specific purpose (e.g. pocket knives at a camping clinic).

Sick Policy

Please show consideration for the well-being of all our SAIL members by preventing the spread of illnesses. Any member (child or parent) who has any of the below symptoms or has exhibited them within 24 hours preceding an event should refrain from attending a SAIL activity:

  • Fever of greater than 100 under the arm or 101 orally.
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or any non-allergic rash.
  • Viral or bacterial conjunctivitis or “pink eye”.
  • Any confirmed viral infection, bacterial infection or communicable illness, unless the member has been taking an antibiotic for 48 hours prior to the SAIL activity.
  • Lice: Please do not attend any SAIL events until an effective treatment has been completed.

Guest Policy

SAIL events are only open to current SAIL families. However, you may bring the occasional guest to an activity with the approval of the coordinator or host of the event. The following points apply to SAIL members and the guest they bring to events:

  • The person bringing the guest is responsible for ensuring that the guest understands and abides by the SAIL Code of Conduct and other policies.
  • Any guest who is repeatedly brought to an activity may be encouraged to join the group or the member inviting the guest will be asked to stop inviting that guest due to liability concerns.
  • Due to liability concerns, the guest may not be someone whose membership has been revoked.


Disputes Between Children

SAIL expects that parents will help equip their children for dealing with the inevitable personal conflicts that will arise in life. Children should attempt to work out differences with each other in a positive manner, seeking the guidance of their parents when necessary. Ideally, most conflicts will be prevented by attentive parenting practices at SAIL events.

Disputes Between Adults

SAIL expects that adult members will resolve disputes in a private, mature, and respectful manner. There are always two sides to a situation so members should focus on finding effective solutions, not placing blame. Remember, SAIL is a small group so positive resolutions help everyone involved move forward.

If you have a disagreement with a fellow member, start with the following steps:

  • Determine your primary concerns and what you wish to resolve.
  • Contact the member(s) involved directly. Discuss your concerns and seek a cooperative outcome. Do not blame or attack.
  • If emailing, consider your tone and reread or “sleep on it” before sending.
  • Respond respectfully to replies and strive to improve or resolve the situation.
  • Once the issue is resolved, put it in the past.

Additionally, we recognize that it is natural for people to discuss personal matters with close friends, but please use care to avoid “gossiping” or intentionally spreading negative information and complaints about members among the group. A rule of thumb is to always talk TO a person to resolve conflict instead of talking ABOUT a person to those not involved with the conflict.

The Board has no interest in policing member interactions, but there is an obligation to protect the positive SAIL atmosphere that families expect and enjoy as members of this group. If a personal conflict between members begins to affect the health and cohesiveness of the group as a whole, it may result in the involvement of the SAIL Board.

Contacting the Board about a Code of Conduct Violation

Successful resolution depends on a mutual willingness to discuss and fix a dispute. If a conflict has escalated and has not been resolved despite sincere attempts, or if one or more parties believe a serious Code of Conduct violation has occurred, then that situation should be brought to the attention of the Board.

Step 1: Contact the Board at with a short explanation of the problem and request a Code of Conduct Violation Report Form. Complete the form and follow the instructions on the form to return it to the Board.

Step 2: The Board will request further documentation from all parties involved, review the information, and determine the next step(s) that will help resolve the dispute.

Step 3: If it is determined that Board involvement is necessary, the Board may take one of the following actions:

  • Send a written warning to adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Notify a member of any necessary disciplinary action (e.g. repair damages, etc.)
  • Mediate or arbitrate if members cannot resolve differences
  • Restrict or revoke membership privileges, in severe or repeated circumstances. In extreme instances, the Board has the right to revoke membership without warning.

Please recognize that not all behaviors or situations deemed inappropriate can be foreseen by any Code of Conduct. There may be situations not specifically addressed in these materials that could be considered a violation of SAIL policy and these instances will reviewed by the SAIL Board of Directors as needed.