What We Do

SAIL members work together to provide educational, social, and civic opportunities that serve to enrich the home education experience for both students and parents. We strive to keep the calendar full of field trips, social events, team meetings, book clubs, and more! All members are encouraged to set up the types of events that are of interest to themselves and their families. Click through the items listed below to learn more about examples of activities that members have planned in the past.*

*The list of SAIL events is subject to change based on which activities are currently being coordinated by SAIL members.

Social Activities

Families meet weekly at alternating park locations all around Collin County, rain or shine.

From girls’ clubs to Bahama Bucks hang-outs, there is something for all ages.

Pre-teens and teens have fun watching classic movies, 80s hits, and other favorites.

We offer events for the whole family like camp-outs and our awards banquet.

We celebrate all year round, starting with our Not Back to School party!

Field Trips

Learn about animals and how they are cared for, or just go have some fun! Members have set up all kinds of field trips to domestic and exotic animal habitats and care facilities.
Ride a car around Texas Speedway or get your thrills on a Six Flags roller coaster. Enjoy an afternoon ice skating or learn how they make the ice and keep it cold. Maybe skydiving at iFly? The sky is the limit!

Local offices, restaurants, and retail establishments have invited us in to learn more about how things are made.

Row a canoe at Collin County Adventure Camp or learn about archery at a local range. Members might set up a field day at a local park or plan a ball game.

Watch a play, hear a symphony, or roll down the hill at the Arboretum. Members can set up a field trip and enjoy the group rate!

Clubs and Meetings

Members generally plan two six-week co-operative education sessions per year.

Book clubs give members a chance to expand their reading with books they might not normally read and to discuss their impressions with others who have also read them. Book clubs are organized by age.

Learn about a new topic and take a group nature walk.

Art and craft activities for younger members. Art History classes have been taught for older teens.

Some SAIL members compete in team-based competitive programs such as Odyssey of the Mind, Robotics programs, and GEMUN. Coaches, mentors, and team members are usually SAIL members willing to try something new!

Parent Activities

Enjoy some social time at a local hangout with other SAIL Moms.

Join us to chat about the latest best-seller or an old classic.

Bring your favorite teaching tools to share and learn all about curriculum from experienced homeschool parents.

Chat with the leadership and other SAIL members and have a snack as we discuss what is happening in SAIL.